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To learn what the Marriage Equality wiki is, and why it was created, please refer to About.


Users who participate in the Marriage Equality wiki must support the essential mission of securing and guaranteeing marriage equality. Users who post materials that conflict with the cause of marriage equality, or who defend the "protection" of so-called "traditional" one-man-one-woman marriage, will be banned and their content deleted.

Users are also prohibited from posting materials, information, or text that is hateful, bigoted toward LGBTQIs or straight allies, sexist, heterosexist, homophobic or transgenderphobic, racist or racially charged, inflammatory, disruptive, insensitive, antagonistic, abusive, or in any other way counterproductive to the marriage equality movement -- and such users will be banned and their content deleted.

As long as posted materials and information support the mission of the Marriage Equality wiki, such content is allowed -- even if one resource might conflict with another. For example, one user may post a site that supports protesting at churches; another may post a discussion forum about how protesting at churches is antithetical to garnering sympathy for same-sex marriage. Since both types of resources support the larger mission of achieving marriage equality, both are allowed on this wiki.

While users may document different tactics or strategies for legalizing "non-traditional" marriage on this wiki -- (preferably with citations) -- debating personal opinions about tactics or strategies is best left for user talk pages or discussion forums outside of this site. Users are expected to be respectful toward each other and to try to avoid engaging in "flame wars" or "content wars."

Unsolicited commercial content or advertising ("spam") that is unrelated to the marriage equality movement is prohibited on this wiki. Spam will be deleted and spammers banned. Please report spam to the sysops.

To avoid redundancy, please search the wiki to see if a resource is already listed before posting a new one. Consider using the Sandbox or other test page to run tests or try out new features.

By participating in, contributing to, or editing this wiki, users agree to these rules.

User Levels

There are three main levels of users, each with their own sets of permissions and rights:

  1. system operators: original wiki creators.
  2. bureaucrats: Those with permission to ban users due to prohibited conduct, along with other rights. (Please contact us to become a bureaucrat.)
  3. registered users: Users who confirm their email address may contribute to or edit content in this wiki, as long as the rules are followed. This level is open to the public.


If you would like to discuss your ideas, use the talk pages or the Marriage Equality Wiki group at the Courage Campaign Equality Hub.

Wiki Tools & Reference Guides


Check Archives to find past events, calls to action, campaigns, news stories, etc.

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